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Ozone Accessories


ozone_accessories.jpgThe destruct chambers are durable stainless steel vessels that easily attach to ozone contact tanks, de-gas separators or other ozone contact systems. This helps convert any unused ozone into oxygen before venting it into the atmosphere.

The destruct chambers use a MnO2/CuO mixture as a catalyst with a thermostatically controlled heating element to remove water vapor for long lasting ozone decomposition.

Destruct unit Chamber Catalyst Gas Inlet Gas outlet Operating Temp. Ozone Destruct Power Consumption Voltage
D212 304 SS MnO2/CuO 1/2" NPT  1/4" FNPT 150 F
60 C
Potential 30 scfh maximum 30 watts 115V/50-60Hz
D412 316 SS MnO2/CuO 1" MNPT  1" MNPT 150 F
60 C
Potential 600 scfh maximum 150 watts 115V/50-60Hz



Tank Air Intake


The Tank Air Intake is polypropylene filter with a check valve that allows air as water is drawn out of the ozone mix tank.


Air/Gas Venting Valve


The Air/Gas Venting Valve is an ozone resistant air relief valve that allows venting of ozone gas out of the mix tank. (Pictured with optional sanitary connections)


Expansion Chamber


This expansion/backflow prevention assemble unit separates water and vapor from ozone gas. It allows water to drain, while gas is directed to the destruct chamber.