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PC Series

Portable Ozone Systems



The PC Series consists of a heavy duty portable ozone system built on a rugged stainless steel cart. The fully enclosed unit includes an SGC ozone/oxygen generator with oil-free compressor, a mass transfer system, and an off gas ozone separation and destruct.

This portable ozonated system is ideal for surface disinfection. Disinfection applications include: food processing, hatcheries and fish tanks, slaughterhouses, wine barrels, fruits and vegetables, bottling plants and other applications.

Our portable ozone system is a rugged stainless steel package. Simple connect plant water in and get high concentration ozonated water out with a minimal loss of pressure.
  • 4-50 gpm water flow
  • Air-cooled ceramic and titanium reactor cell
  • Patented floating plate technology
  • 5-micro filter/regulator with auto drain
  • Ozone production:16-25 gm/hr.
  • Oxygen concentration: 90% @ 10 scfg
  • Feed water pressure: 20-30 psi
  • Water inlet connection: 1.5” Sanitary fitting
  • Water outlet connection: 1.5” Sanitary fitting
  • Maximum ozone concentration (% weight): 6%
  • Air cooling: 240 scfm
  • Power cord: 25’
  • Power requirement: 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase

Optional Features
  • Variable output Control 0-100%
  • Automatic flow switch
  • Automatic door switch
  • Over temperature safety switch
  • Feed gas flow control
  • LED visual ozone indicator

The Standard PC System includes
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Water resistant enclosure
  • Onboard air compressor
  • Onboard oxygen concentrator
  • Onboard ozone injection pump
  • Onboard side steam injector
  • Automatic flow switch
  • Ozone degas chamber with catalytic decomposer to minimize ozone off-gas

  • An optional portable ozone gas detector is available for ozone off-gas monitoring and detection.
  • A dissolved ozone process controller provides continuous control of dissolved ozone levels in water