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Ozone Mixing System


The applications of ozone are relatively new and are quickly gaining popularity. As ozone applications multiply, the efficiency of mixing ozone with water become more important. It is not enough to generate ozone gas, it is equally important to mix it efficiently in order to utilize the amount of gas produced by generators.


The wall mounted ozone mixing system is designed to efficiently dissolve ozone gas in a water stream. The ozone injector is followed by a flash reactor that creates efficient mixing at a higher pressure than atmospheric. This design creates a mass transfer efficiency of 90% or higher.


The ozone flash mixer is followed by a gas/liquid separator that creates a vortex within its body. This forces the excess gas to rise to the top of the separator, allowing it to exit through a degas relief valve. Thus the excess gas leaves the system. This excess gas can either be venter out of the building, or be directed through a P-trap with an ozone destruct unit. The ozone destruct, or catalytic decomposer, will eliminate the ozone off-gas. It converts unused ozone into oxygen before venting it into the atmosphere.


  • Food Processing
  • Water Bottling Plants
  • Surface Disinfection
  • Laundry Systems
  • Hatcheries & Fish Tanks
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Irrigation Systems