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PB Series

Ozone Integrated Systems


pb1.jpgA reliable, well designed, compact, cost effective, complete integrated system. The PB Series consist of an SGC ozone/oxygen generator with a built-in oil-free compressor, installed on a rugged stainless steel skid. The skid includes a circulating pump, ozone injector, flash reactor, degas separator, stainless steel vent, and ozone destruct unit for off-gass (unmixed) ozone. With the PB series integrated ozone skid, there is no need for compressed air, air dryer, or any other air supply source. The pump can be connected to an ozonated water tank or ozone mix tank. An optional ozone or ORP controller can keep a constant ozone concentration in the tank.


The PB Series comes with an:
  • SGC-11 (capacity 10gm/hr. ozone), or
  • SGC-12 (capacity 16gm/hr. ozone), or
  • SGC-22 (capacity 25gm/hr. ozone)

Optional Features
  • PID Controller
  • Dissolved ozone controller/analyzer
  • Ambient ozone detector